Egg Noodles


By making noodles from scratch you control not only the quality of flour and eggs, but also freshness and flavor. Making noodles is also just immensely therapeutic. By making your own noodles you turn filler carbohydrate into something with actual nutritional content. Eggs have B vitamins and vitamin D, both necessary ingredients for optimal mood and mental function. Sprouted flour also brings b vitamins to the table, and adds vitamin C, another known mood enhancer. Combine that with the self righteous pleasure of having crafted your own “artisinal” noodles, and you’ve got a healthful solution to a sluggish, dreary, rainy day.

Egg Noodles from Scratch

2 eggs

1 tsp sea salt

2 cups of flour, plus some for kneading the dough (preferably sprouted wheat)

Put flour in a bowl, creating a tiny well in the middle where you will place your salt and eggs.

Taking a fork and begin mixing it all together. When its a chunky, sticky mass, flour your hands, and begin smooshing and kneading the dough together.

Finally, lightly flour your counter and begin kneading the dough until it is a smooth ball.

Roll it out as thin as you can, stretching and pulling and keeping all edges as thin as possible.

Spread a little flour on the flat dough and roll firmly, but not so tight as to stick it all together.

Slice the dough roll into then strips, and unfurl!


To cook, either bring salted water to a boil, or bone broth, or vegetable stock.

Turn off the heat and put the noodles into your cooking liquid of choice, then returning the heat to high until the broth boils and noodles rise to the surface. Remove from salt water and drain them, or return your soup to a moderate simmer or off, and prepare to serve.


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