4 Ingredient Yogurt Ranch

This is good on EVERYTHING. It is as good a veggie dip as it is a dressing, and it is so fast to make. So simple and so healthy and so gratifying. I love fermented foods and consume them en masse: pickles, kombucha, kvass, kraut, sourdough bread… but I often relegate my yogurt consumption to sweets. I’ll add fruit or chocolate or honey or maple syrup or jam… and I won’t get to appreciate the sour and savory potential of this awesome source of protein and probiotics.

I use herbes de provence in this dressing because I use herbes de provence everywhere. It’s easy, and the herbs present in the mix are anti inflammatory, immune boosting and good for your digestion.  Combined with the symbiosis of probiotic yogurt and prebiotic, anti inflammatory garlic, this makes for an amazing way give your gut flora an extra boost.



1clove of garlic, crushed and minced

1 tsp herbes de provence

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

3/4 cup whole milk yogurt (or plain kefir)

salt and pepper to taste


Mix the herbs, salt, and pepper with the garlic and olive oil. Stir in the yogurt.



You can thin this recipe with  lemon juice for a dressing better suited to greens than chunky vegetables.


However I prefer it on raw broccoli the best.

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