Spring Greens and Pork Sausage

20170529_195525In the spring I find that between thinning my garden beds and weeding, I have an excess of bitter greens. Dandelion leaves, collards and arugula are my glut of the moment, and I have turned them into an easy and satisfying soup this evening.

I’ve been working 48 hour weeks and eating a lot of garbage lately, mostly in the form of after work refined sugar… Personal disgust finally set in and I have begun ammending my ways. Recently, Paul Waggener posted an image on social media with the Evola  quote ” Use everything and obstain from everything as you please. Become the absolute ruler of your soul. Create a resistance.[….] However enjoy nothing until you have vanquished it within yourself.”

I beleive this to be a process that must constantly be revisited on all accounts-  there is never a battle that is over for good. Food, especially though, as it is so tied into energy levels, socialization, emotional gratification and identity. It becomes very easy to begin letting total garbage into one’s lifestyle as a subconcious compensation for stress or a substitute for immediate gratification in other areas of life.

In response to my slovenly habits this month I have shut down the sugar party and begun working on rebooting my stressed out system. I’ve introduced green smoothies back into my morning, and I am attempting to get myself grounded- that is to make it a point to spend more time in the dirt and sun.


This weekend A friend and I went on our first day-hike of the season, a trip that was long overdue, and enjoyed a traditionally inspired lunch on a switchbacking trail near the bird sanctuary in Forest Park. Afterwards We went to  the sauna and I spent a good 45 minutes going back and forth between meditation and cold showers. When I got done I felt refreshed, invigorated, and not so drawn to sweets. But today I was exhausted.

I grabbed some greens from what passes as my garden this year, and put together this very simple, satisfying soup. Dandelion greens are great liver support, which is important in both a spring cleaning context as well as a stress support context. Google stress and the liver and countless articles appear linking exessive cortisol with liver problems.

Collards are high in Weston A. Price’s X factor vitamin K, as well as vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin K helps our body repair itsself, vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant and aids neurological function, while vitamin C aids in iron absorption and is also a used in your body’s repair processes.

As I’ve discussed before, pork fat is rich in medium chain fatty acids which help your body absorb caratenoids like vitamin A. Recent studies have shown that while uncured pork can cause problems with blood oxygenation due to clumping of red blood cells, cured pork does not cause this same problem, and curing or soaking pork in an acidic medium are both traditional modes of preparation that support the body’s usage of pork as a source of fat and protein. I’ve used a locally made cured and smoked bierwurst to season this broth.



Sausage and Greens Soup

1 diced onion

2 cups of chopped bitter greens

1 tbsp grassfed butter

2 spicy cured pork sausages like bierwurst, kielbasa or polish

1.5 pints of homemade chicken stock

2 bay leaves

salt and white pepper to taste

sweet-hot mustard to finish


On medium hot heat, saute onion and sausage in butter until the onion is getting slightly brown and a little sticky.

Throw in your greens, and wilt them in the pork fat.

Add chicken broth, bay leaf,  and white pepper. Simmer over medium high until the greens are soft and dark and the broth is not too bitter…just a little bite to it.

Season with salt, and serve with a heaping tablespoon of mustard and a crusty roll.

Makes 2 servings.


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