Tuna Salad

I love fish, but living on the west coast after Fukushima has had me avoiding anything from the Pacific. Call me crazy. Call me a conspiracy theorist. Call me psychotically vigilant. Tell me I’m being exposed to radiation as we speak. It’s cool. I have my reasons. Some people avoid it because of pollutants like mercury, or pcbs from plastic that have been found in the fats of fish, for me its godzilla.

The world is a horrible place.

It’s a dirty, spoiled planet, ruled by the corrupt and ravaged daily by forces that spoil the wild and wonderful things in the world for all of us. Top soil depletion, chemical contamination and gmos all threaten to alter our access to safe nutritionally dense food, maybe forever.

There is a point at which you can no longer protect yourself completely from the pollution and environmental corruption, and you just have to look to what your body needs and what you need from your body, lest you limit yourself nutritionally or make your diet a vacuous black hole consuming all of your money as you suck down nothing but alkaline water in glass bottles, organic arugula and grass fed beef from tiny farms that support themselves on the procedes of something like 3 slaughters a year.

So occassionally, I add canned tuna to my diet. It is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, potassium, b6, b12, selenium and Niacin.  It’s a great source of protein. There are many companies on the market now that are both catching their fish with poles (less non tuna fishing net casualties, easier to not over fish), and also testing for mercury in the fish. Safe Catch is what I got today- but I saw many others with similar standards. It’s a dollar or two more than conventional tuna, and it doesn’t protect me from the radiation that really concerns me, but I feel more confident that I’m getting less overall garbage.

Currently, I’m limiting carbohydrates and fasting after 7pm. Im not doing the ketogenic thing, and I’m not going paleo, but right now my personal fitness and nutrition focus is on building more muscle, illiminating stomache bloat, not spiking my blood sugar over the coarse of long work days, and also not getting too hangry between meals and then binging on sugar. So I set chron-o-meter to the most lax ketogenic setting, so that I can keep my eye on carbohydrate and fat levels even if I’m not completely adhering to the suggested diet, and I’ve begun looking to more concentrated sources of protein and healthy fats.


This is a very simple recipe. Minimal, rich and satisfying, I like to smoosh it all over a peice of Westphalian pumpernickel or a rye crisp, smørrebrød style. I use avocado oil mayo, homemade aïoli, or sunflower seed oil mayo…but never corn, cottonseed or canola. Researching the effects of conventional vegetable oils on weight gain, heart health and overall well being is pretty sobering- especially when you get into the corporate marketing script handed to our medical industry during the 20th century. It makes a difference. I would do a post about making your own mayo… but it’s been done so many times by so many talented bloggers that it feels more redundant than a tuna salad recipe. However I do encourage you to try it! It’s super healthy and tastes so much better than store bought.

Tuna Salad

1 can of pole caught, mercury tested tuna

1/4 cup minced red onion, minced

1 hard boiled egg, chopped

1.5 tbsp chopped fresh tarragon

2-3 tbsp non mayo made from avocado, olive or sunflower seed oil

1/2 tsp dijon

Real salt to taste


Put all ingredients into a bowl and mush thoroughly.  Serve on a salad, wrapped in a collard or lettuce leaf, on a cracker or peice of bread… or just eat it straight.

Serves 1-3, depending on how hangry you are.


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