New Ebook Series

I’m very excited to announce that I am launching a series of mini ebooks in pdf format, which will become available over the next weeks and months.

Ein Kluge Spise’s Clever Food Series will be grouped by cooking style or meal of the day, and feature easy recipes, beautiful color photography, and blurbs about each recipe.

Affordable and healthy, the recipes in this series will be steeped in Weston A. Price style nutrition as well as Europe’s comforting and familiar food traditions, offering dishes that are easy to make and easy to integrate into most diet plans.

Vol I :Soups and Stews, is available here for purchase and download.

4 thoughts on “New Ebook Series

    1. 1. Chicken stewed in white wine
      2. Farmhouse beef and cabbage
      3. Sausage and greens soup
      4. Goulash
      5.Bone Broth
      6. Noodles
      (5 and 6 are great together, or added to any of the other recipes!)


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